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i wanna open a music store



  • guitardadguitardad subscriber Posts: 0
    take a long hard look at CD/DVD sales trends. Everything I`ve read, and that`s a lot, says that CD sales may completely vanish in the next several years, much like vinyl LPs have (yes, I know, some LPs are still sold to people like me!). And DVD sales have also followed CD sales by falling off a cliff. First it was Netflix` rental model, then video on demand. Now even Netflix offers DVDs over the internet for instant viewing. As broadband internet connections continue to increase capacity, less and less people will even be renting DVDs, let alone buying them. The movie studios are upset because it looks like their recent business model, which relied heavily on DVD sales, is falling apart the same way CD sales caused the music labels to fall apart.
    is this really an environment into which you want to open a business?
  • larryp7639larryp7639 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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  • davesmith12davesmith12 subscriber Posts: 0
    risking stuff opening music stores since the online piracy is here
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