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Help me help US, ME & YOU, make money

carlgreenecarlgreene subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Startup Funding
I'll keep it quick. Im a college student who has been developing a social media app tailored to college students. Please don't read that and say to yourself that won't work, because it already did which is why I'm posting. Im not the best with computers so my first app was just for friends and I to play around on, however it grew within months throughout the nation and now I'm in the process of seeking funding to develop a real app that can hold up to millions of users. Im 20 and in school and as you can probably assume no banks are loaning to someone like me who's credit isn't even credit yet. I'd crowd fund to raise money and I'm sorry if you don't like my answer why I won't, but I honestly don't want someone to steal my idea, and I just feel at this stage people have more resources than I have and can copy me before I even get my own out there. However I'm posting because I'm searching for an investor or a lender, either or it does not matter, who will grant or loan me funding to finish my project. It'll take about a month to finish and by the end of the year six figures in revenue will be coming in monthly which will enable me to return your loan or invesment before the year is over. For investors I'll give up 50% of the company simply because I believe in it that much and I know it's going to grow and standout as the app college kids will want for years to come, and for simply investing and taking the chance in me I want you to have half of everything. Now I am a college student and all my friends are and everyone agrees that this app is going to make a killing. I have friends at schools throughout the nation and we've kept it quiet mostly but for the few hundred that know everyone agrees this is a great app. It's going to grow into a brand and be a recognizable company name and all I'm asking is for someone to help fund me. I won't set a dollar amount for how much I need simply because I've been looking for funding for months, and at this point whatever anyone can invest or loan me I will take and make it work. My apologies if this is not how your suppose to use this posting or if I asked for what I needed incorrectly, but this is the best way I know how, so I hope someone sees this and takes a chance with me. Thanks to all who read.


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