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Considering this idea and would like feedback

SolotrSolotr subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2009 in Boomers Back in Business
I`m in that "Boomer" range, born 1953 and that`s as far as I`m going with that
I`m considering a subscription/membership site for women (51+) who are still in the job market full time but want to start a lifestyle business part-time. My idea is to take them from where they are to a real part-time income generating business in 6 months.  At the end of 6 months, if they want to "go big" then they have a working business plan, a viable business idea and information to figure out how to do that.
If they decide, nah - I don`t want a big business, they can do that too but they`ll still need the rest of `operating a profitable business` tools and information.
My question to the other women here specifically: Would this have helped you get started or help you get started if you haven`t?
Ok, guys you can answer too. Seriously, I`m looking for answers.
Thank you in advance.


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    startuphelperstartuphelper subscriber Posts: 2
    Not sure what exactly you mean by "lifestyle business"...but I think your idea is definitely worth pursuing.
    I assume you would charge for the membership, in which case you would need to have milestones or goals that would be met that would make the membership worth the cost. Stating that you can take them from idea to income generating in 6 mos is pretty ambitious. I would love to know how you would plan to achieve that and would certainly visit your site for more information.
    Sounds fascinating.
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    SolotrSolotr subscriber Posts: 2
    Since that post back in May, I moved forward. After getting feedback from the women in my circle who did exactly what I proposed, the time frame was accurate.
    The idea originally came from information on the SBA site stating starting a business in 6 months was doable, I wanted to test the theory.
    What may have confused some of you was the difference in `starting` and `operating` long term. In my own business it did take roughly 6 months to iron out specifically my marketing methods, back-office kinks and getting an advisor team that meshed...but it was done.
    Thank you all for not giving me feedback too soon....it forced me to do branch out and connect with the women I needed the feedback from.
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    jumbopandajumbopanda subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Solotr,
    I think it is a great idea, but like the others have said, you need to add value for your subscribers.  There are services that offer free coaching to small businesses. I think you should try to connect to these services and see if you can`t proposition a few of the coaches to serve as mentors for your users.  If many will do it for free, I`m sure you can get a few to do it for a small share of the profits.  Just having a motivator and a shoulder to lean (or cry on) will help a lot of would-be entrepreneurs actualize their dreams, and take it from the dream phase, and make it a reality.
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