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What would have helped you when you got started?

SolotrSolotr subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2008 in Business Planning
Hi folks,
I running a survey for you business owners. There`s no money in it nor freebies nor anything more than helping out a colleague.
I know what would have helped me getting started with my first business (probably wouldn`t have started it either) but I want to know what would have helped you.
Most entrepreneurs figure if they just had more money at startup it would have been easier, as a business owner we know that money isn`t going to help a bad business idea nor magically give you `instant expert` knowledge to run a business.
I`m looking for answers to help women solo entrepreneurs get going and succeed. I see too many forum posts, answer sites with the same tired questions: How do I get a loan/grant/angel investing (with no business experience mind you) and make a million dollars?
I want only those who have been in business a minimum of 6 months (that critical `stick or quit` period). It`s only 7 questions - and nope, it`s not for money. Sorry about that
Here`s the link What Would Have Helped You?
and thank you. I`ll come back here in a month or so and let you know what the top results were - this should be interesting.


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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    As a woman, I can tell you that money is very important to us in operating a business. Most women businesses have many challenges trying to secure loans, etc. which is usually required to have a successful start. So we do tend to ask for assistance in that area as we see it as one of our biggest hurdles - we usually have all the other details worked out - just the funds
     I hope that you will get many responders to your survey - I just finished it.
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