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Websites are out, Smart Sites are in

capocapo subscriber Posts: 1
With the power of social media, paid ads and email its no longer important to have just a website. You need hundreds of websites, or landing pages as they call it in todays world. If your message does not resonate with your visitor on the first visit, you can kiss them good bye.

You also don't need to pay thousands of dollars or wait months to get these sites done. You can now do it yourself with some of the tools out there. We recently created convrrt.com that allows business owners and start ups launch there next big idea and be able to gather leads within minutes. You dont have to worry about hosting, design or embedding any fancy code to gather leads. Its all taken care for you. We even help build your first one. Take a look at this article on why websites are so passe https://medium.com/@weconvrrt/because-w ... 6846aabe48


  • eBizEriceBizEric subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    This is an interesting concept. I wonder how long it would take Google to consider it spamming the web with "hundreds" of versions of the same thing.

    Also, it's kind of ironic how you came to a website to advertise your service that is supposed to make websites "so passe". Yes, very interesting.
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