Avoid SEO Scammers : How To Spot Fake SEO experts

TractusTractus Posts: 8subscriber
Choose wisely when it comes to SEO. 7 Slides That Clearly Explain How To Spot an SEO Scammer that will get your site penalized by Google or simply do nothing about your SEO.
http://www.slideshare.net/EkaterinaTrac ... o-scammers


  • Lala87Lala87 Posts: 0subscriber
    There are to much seo scammers!
  • TractusTractus Posts: 8subscriber
    Lala87, you are right. But also there are great SEO experts that are not trusted enough because of the scammers in the industry. There is also a very helpful article on SEO basics for business owners http://tractusonline.com/startups-seo/ Let me know if you have questions on SEO, will be happy to help!
  • ankit007ankit007 Posts: 254subscriber Silver Level Member
    With the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being broadly utilized, numerous self-titled "SEO Experts" have appeared, making unreasonable guarantees and offering ensured rankings. These days, you can't go more than a couple of hours without accepting some spam email about Search Engine Optimization, or an icy call from a "SEO master" who can make all your Internet Marketing dreams work out as expected. The best protection against SEO tricks is turning out to be more teach about the subject. Since most little entrepreneurs don't have sufficient energy and assets expected to end up specialists, we've assembled a speedy rundown of the most well-known "SEO claims" you ought to pay special mind to. Note that we are discussing claims in regards to natural internet searcher comes about (characteristic results), not paid results. Anybody can pay for top arrangement of a notice.
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