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First steps to start a business

hoangtu69hoangtu69 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited November 2016 in Business Planning
I'm ready to start a business but I don't know what are the first steps. Is it getting a lawyer to incorporate and/or file a patent, website design, accountant ...etc.

Can you recommend a list of steps I need to take to get my business off the ground please?



  • slambiaseslambiase subscriber Posts: 0
    The answer is not as simple as that really. Depending upon the type of business you are planning to run, different steps will need to be prioritized and taken. Can you give more details about the venture you are starting?
  • shieldfunding1shieldfunding1 subscriber Posts: 0
    One good way to start with getting your business off the ground is by coming up with a sound business plan. Check out this article with different recommendations for coming up with a good business plan - it may do you some good for coming up with the ideas that will help get your business up and running: http://fitsmallbusiness.com/business-plan-tips/. Once you have a solid business plan, you also need to make sure you have funding for your business. Shield Funding offers a variety of small and medium-sized business loan options, which you can look at here: https://shieldfunding.com/. Good luck!
  • djbfrankdjbfrank subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    What is your business/product/service ?
    Who is your customer?
    Where do they live?
    What problem do you solve?

    You must provide more info to get an answer to a wide question Be happy to help!
  • blairjvaldezblairjvaldez subscriber Posts: 0
    When you are planning to start a new business, you need to take care of the following things:

    Capital- The most important part of any business.
    A strong Business Plan- Be prepared with the strong plan to start with.
    Audience- Make sure you are targeting right set of audience.
    Location- Location plays a vital role. Your service must reach to the right set of people you are targeting.
    For more information log on to http://bit.ly/1M0sxj1 and http://bit.ly/1hzJ2Gi.
  • RancyDRancyD subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Well there is no such information provided by you that we can help you on the query, as everybody saying you must have shared some more details. Anyhow the first step for every business/startup to be started or initiated is getting the Capital which is the topmost priority of any business. If you are capable of investing on your own then it is a very good thing otherwise you must consult any of the leading business funding organizations that will help you for the capital investing in your business. You can consult Benetrends( https://www.benetrends.com ) their experts also will help you where ever required.
  • lilymathewwlilymatheww subscriber Posts: 0
    Starting an international business is a tough task as it involves mutual understanding and transactions between two regions, countries and nations. There are many physical and social factors involved when an organization or individual businesses think of expanding business internationally. But before one can actually think of starting on this path, he/she will need to test some basic parameters and check to see if they are in control of all resources. When i was going to start my business I took advice from http://www.crosscamp.us/. This is a good company.
    As my experience says the first step should be some market research. You need to know that your new business will have customers. Who will your customers be? You also need to find out who your competitors are and what they are doing. Is your market saturated with others doing the same type of business that you want to open? Is there something unique about your service or product or how you want to deliver your service or product. This is the first thing that you should keep in mind while starting a new business.
  • ASheltonAShelton subscriber Posts: 0
    Starting a business needs lots of time and efforts. I would say to you that you should consult any experienced business consultant and tell him about your idea and get some good advice.
  • gracy542gracy542 subscriber Posts: 1
    hi to everyone . this year i wants to start my business , and we all know that to start a business we need capital for investment and a website for promotion. can anyone suggest me a good platfoerm to build my site . i want my site similar to this site : http://alpari.com/
  • GSmithGSmith subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It is great to have you all here! I am so glad I found the forum!

    My situation is: I am ready to start a business selling merchandise online. I don't have funds for a nation-wide campaign, so I am planning to start small, selling staff mostly on Amazon.
    I am already certain on what exactly to sell, and on brand look and everything.

    However, I am fresh new to business in general. So I am confused with the first steps order.

    I know that I need:
    - business name (check)
    - business logo (working on it)
    - decide to incorporate or not (I can start as a private seller, but really looking into business rather than part time hobby)
    - decide to register trademark/logo or not (need help with that)
    - find a supplier (working on it)

    My question is mostly What to do in Which order?
    Can or should I start as private seller and then register a business and transfer everything to a corporation?
    Should I register trademark and logo first or register business first?
    Can or should I register a trademark without business just to myself?

    I'd really appreciate if somebody could layout for me the first steps in exact order. e.g:
    1. Get business name and logo.
    2. Order your goods and start selling as a private seller.
    3. Register business.
    4. Register trademark and logo.
    5. Etc.
    Or register business first?

    Thank you a lot!
    I do appreciate any help!
    Yours G.
  • CodyDeeganCodyDeegan subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    If ever you decide to be operational, make it legal by registering the business.
  • AdrianConnerAdrianConner subscriber Posts: 0
    If you are looking for a better business plan then check the latest thing from online the comments from different business experts.
  • CodyDeeganCodyDeegan subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Acquiring services from a consulting firm with lawyers who specialize in this service who will also be willing to guide you every step of the way would be awesome especially if you are going to do business in another country.
  • wwwdudewwwdude subscriber Posts: 1
    Consider finding a mentor, someone who has succeed and may help you get started. You can offer to help the mentor by doing tasks.

    Good Luck
  • CentialCential subscriber Posts: 29 Bronze Level Member
    I agree. It is very important really
  • guardstogoguardstogo subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    If you are capable of investing on your own then it is a very good thing otherwise you must consult any of the leading business funding organizations that will help you for the capital investing in your business.
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