Buying an established liquor store or open one from scratch ?

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I'm about to buy an established liquor store but i also found a good location place for rent that can be transformed into a liquor store, both areas are pretty good with good traffic and visibility. So i have 2 options, either start from scratch or buy the established store. The rental for the place to rent (2000sf) is 5500$ per months and needs all refrigerators / utilities and some rehab inside. Second, the established liquor store(3000sf) was in business for about 16 years, rent is 4500$ per month, gross is discretionary about 620k/year, it is located right on express exit in a populated residential area with many rentals around, owner sells the business for 350k + inventory and it also has a pizza, tobacco licence, alchool licence.
What do you guys think is better choice ?


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