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Technology Outsourcing

CarabettaCarabetta subscriber Posts: 1
I am new to startup nation and I am glad that I found this site.
I am looking for a company in India or outside of the US where I can get a quality website built for significantly less than what I would pay here in the US.  I would prefer to use an American Company, but I am bootstrapping my business and need to keep my costs down.
If you had a possitive experience with an offshore company, I would greatly appreciate the referral.


  • EliteVAsEliteVAs subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Carabetta!I can completely understand how you feel. When I first started my VA company over a year ago, I thought how in the world am I going to get my feet off the ground without a Web site. There is no way I can afford a Web site. There`s no way I can do my own Web site complete with SEO. Furthermore, I do not have the money to shell out. But I must say one thing: there was not a moment where I thought about sending my hard-earned money out of country to an offshore company to save a buck. I know this may be a hot button issue for some and I truly do not mean to sound harsh, but I truly cringe when I hear of U.S.-based entrepreneurs or small businesses wanting to contract an offshore company based on financial reasons alone. I find that I`m losing `potential` work left and right to many offshore companies who charge a fraction of what I charge. I was typing Good Morning America segments for a California-based company for quite sometime (and not doing too bad) when they finally decided that they were paying too much on us U.S.-based transcribers and sent the entire project overseas. It just touches a nerve with me. Just think for a moment if you were losing potential clients/business to offshore companies? This seems to be gaining a lot of strength these days.Anyway, my suggestion ... get software like FrontPage or Publisher for the time being. That`s what I have and use. It came with my Microsoft Office Software. I created my entire Web site using that program. I spent VERY little doing it. Of course I had several late nights, but I got it done and didn`t have to pay anyone else to do so. However, if you really don`t feel that you have time to do it, with a little research, you might be able to find someone located in the U.S. (or a military spouse -- hint, hint, hee hee, that`s me) who would be more than happy to help you out for a nominal fee.Think about it ... those are just my two cents. I really do wish you luck.Cheers!Rebecca
    EliteVAs2006-10-29 15:39:20
  • inkwireinkwire subscriber Posts: 3
    As a designer, I try to be aware of the landscape of my field, so I looked into some outsourcing sites to get a handle on what the outsourced design field was like.  Overall, the designs themselves were not exceptional, and in many instances you could do just fine with something like Frontpage or Dreamweaver (which I would recommend over Frontpage because it produces cleaner code, but it costs more as well).  While I cannot compete with an outsourced company when it comes to price, my design skills and sensibilities are significantly better, so like always, you get what you pay for.A quick comment on outsourcing :  most of the clothes we buy are made in foreign countries yet that doesn`t get people`s attention like technological outsourcing.
  • CarabettaCarabetta subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    Firstly, I would like to say that I appreciate the support.  It was certainly helpful. 
    While my project is very complex and I would not be able to do what I need it to do with Frontpage, dreamweaver, etc..  I realized by listning to the stories that my patriotism is preventing me from shipping it to India and I could find an up-and-coming designer and software engineer who could do it while they go to school.
    I have posted an add at the local colleges and will begin the interview process. 
    Thanks again for the support
  • leadstudiosleadstudios subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Carabetta,We are located in Canada if you are interested in outsourcing outside of the United States...but not too far If you are looking for web development of any complexity, I am sure we can meet and exceed your requirements. Good Luck with your search,Brandon
  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    Try http://www.hyperstreet.com/I used it to design my web site quickly and inexpensively, better and faster than using FrontPage or other web tools.|Here`s my site www.t-rexelectronics.com
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