Business in fair trade: How to get in touch with local people?

RosaRosa subscriber Posts: 3
Let's say I would start a fair trade fashion business, and I would want to know how to find the workers I'm looking for. (At least a first step towards finding them.) What would be the first step here?
The idea is helping people who most need it and otherwise have a low chance of finding work or being paid fairly, but who also have the fine skills to craft clothing of superior quality. Rather than outsourcing the manufacturing to a massive clothing factory, I imagine a friendlier and more 'personal' environment such as a small scale workshop. (India, Indonesia, etc...) I just don't know where to get started, though! These people might not - probably don't - even have access to the Internet. And as for travelling, you should already know where to exactly. I need a starting point.

Any concrete ideas are hugely appreciated. Thanks!
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