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Post disaster opportunity, any suggestions for startup?

vprdvprd subscriber Posts: 1
Hi all , I'm sure you are aware of the disastrous earthquake that recently took place in Nepal . I believe with every disaster arises an opportunity , anyone has a suggestion ?
Some of the facts about Nepal
1) Its a landlocked country
2) It is a country where 96% of the goods are imported , there's very little manufacturing here ,
3) There is still a lot of massive under-construction,
4) Tremendous hydro-power potential
5) Many buildings and artifacts have been damaged in the cities and villages have been swiped out so there will be a lot of re-construction work which means opportunities.
6) High potential for IT outsourcing
7) Its a tourist destination so high potential in tourism sector.

About me:
I'm from Nepal and an IT consultant . I just decided to give up my day job and venture out for different opportunities.
If anyone is interested and has some great business ideas and would want to collaborate and work as a partner , I would be very keen to speak to him/her. The potential is sky high here and the market is unsaturated.
Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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    hitlerhitler subscriber Posts: 0

    I like your idea. The only thing I feel to be an obstacle are the social-political conditions existing in the country. Since there will be a lot of re-construction happening, I feel that any tweaks that can be made to the construction plan to provide better homes to the needful at a reasonable price will both provide business needs and also help the needy.
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