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Recruitment methods for managers?

vietnamvietnam subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Selecting a Business
With the support of diverse methods, employers have several options to recruit to fill vacancies in the company. There are two main ways: recruiting internal or external recruitment. Nothing is perfect. Both sides possess strengths and different weaknesses. Depending on the position and the company that employers have the appropriate choice.

-Internal Recruitment:
This recruitment method selected candidates is available employee in the company or use them as a recruitment broker.

By using existing human resources, employers do not have to spend time and costs for the brokerage firm other headhunters. Moreover, it is also a way to reward the employees who have devoted to company.

With this method, the company may stand in front of the internal dissension. Who does not want to be promoted?

- External recruitment:
This recruitment method chooses the candidates outside the company.

This method gives the company a lot of talent and new ideas. If the candidate has work experiences, training costs are also much less expensive. It also creates a logical career development and equitable for everyone in the company.

The Company has to pay to the broker an amount of money for recruiting services. In addition, it can also cause problems with internal staff, who wishes to be promoted.

If you are a manager, what kind of recruitment method do you use?
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