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Hello All,

I work in IT as a Business Analyst /Project Manager and I am at the point where I am keen to start my own company though I operate as a LTD freelancer, my intention is to start the software company under my LTD company i.e. software company as part of the LTD (not sure if this makes sense and the ideal way to go).

I do not have a specific market to provide the services to as I am unsure of the right move to take and how to go about this. I know software is a very competitive and saturated market but I believe I can still curve our a market to service.

My intention is to operate the marketing (I will need help on our to market the business/service), Business Analyst and Project management aspect while I outsources the development aspect to a team (probably in India). If you have experiences dealing with teams in India developing software please share and also if you have good recommendations I can check out.

In summary

1. I need help to define if software development is a viable business area to go into given the level of competitiveness and off the shelve software in the market.

2. How do I go about marketing and getting customers?

3. Establishing the software company as part of a LTD company the way to go?

4. Using teams in India the way to go if not any suggestions?

5. How do I sustain the software business?

6. Can you recommend software developers in Ukraine and possibly india as i learn both are the best places for developers.

Your in puts are welcome.

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