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Business Cards Via Text Messaging:

bizwerkbizwerk subscriber Posts: 4
A new company called called CardWerkz offer business people the opportunity to distribute their business card information via text messaging. This service is idea for startup, midsize comanies, and corporations that want the ability to cut cost, while still delivering contact information. This service has a few major advantages over traditional business cards, the first being is that it is instantanious. Once the business person signs up for the service, they can start distributing cards instantly, no more waiting for printers to print your business card. Another benefit of this service, is that they business person will never run out of cards, because all plans allow for unlimited downloading of the business text card.
To find out how this service can benefit your business visit the companies website at: http://cardwerkz.com


  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    did you register the cardwerkz trademark?
  • jandk061105jandk061105 subscriber Posts: 0
    The product they offer looks like something I could type up myself and save to my phone to text for free!!!
    If you are looking for an ACTUAL business card that is just in digital format, to text or email to potential clients/customers...check out our website, www.egregate.com. With our product you are able to include a custom logo to your card along with any other info you would like. Our cards are also easily converted to event cards, appointment reminder cards, and coupon/specials cards. It only costs you a one time charge of $17.95, no other membership fees, and you will then have lifetime unlimited use of the card!!!
  • arizonagirlarizonagirl subscriber Posts: 0
    Yeah, Ive been on that site, egregate.com. My colleague in the real estate business and I both bought a card from that site last week! Due to tough times and the desire to find new innovative ways to market and advertise our business we came across digital card options and stumbled upon the site. I cant believe no one had thought of this idea before now. The egregate site is so user friendly and there was no third party transfer or software necessary. I just entered the info I choose to present to clients from the template provided, uploaded our company logo right from the egregate site, chose my background colors and font, then bam! Sent it right to my Blackberry. It was slick and only 17.95, no membership fees. We plan on organizing some events this spring to try to rebuild this dead market and we will use this site to create event cards that will enable us to invite investors from all over the country via text. I think this is the greatest new technological idea in quite some time.
  • purpleryderpurpleryder subscriber Posts: 0
    This sounds like a great deal that might compliment my business. I`m just getting started marketing  a home based business that is based around paid referral programs. I currently use an online printer service for my printed products and if I refer someone, I get paid a $5 referral fee. I would be curious if the company you mentioned would have a paid referral or affiliate program?  Another business I work with is Obopay. A payment service similar to PayPal but payments are made to and from cell phones and websites Nationwide.  Sending money regardless the amount is instant and only 25 cents! Receiving money and Membership are totally FREE!. Obopay offers a  referral program that  pays $5 for each referral that signs up and sends money. For more details go to:

    http://linkbee.com/EWQ6  or contact  [email protected]
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