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Training on Start-Up Dynamics

JuiceJuice subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2015 in Thought Leadership
Good Day,

I have a team that has a lot of experience with mature, developed businesses but no start-up experience. Given that the two are so different I would love any recommendations on consulting companies that provide presentations or training on "Business Start-Up Dynamics". I have looked high and low, contacting many trainig organizations, local business chapters, personal buisness contacts and have not found a good fit. Any help would be much appreciated.




  • recursivefaultsrecursivefaults subscriber Posts: 0
    I think before you hire someone to train your group on something like that you should probably think about what you think those dynamics should be.

    I'd suggest that whomever would traditionally have authority in your team start adopting the behavior of only asking questions. This will, with time and patience, turn the team from laborers into critical thinkers. Also, encourage and celebrate failure. Not so much the fact that failure happened, but the way in which it failed. Highlight what everyone learned and praise the team for that learning.

    Present problems to be solved instead of work to be done, and hide no information that would be relevant to those problems to be solved. If you guys are focusing on revenue, revenue needs to be visible for the team to see their impact.
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