annoying/boring/repetitive tasks

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i'm a newbie and i'd like to ask what annoying/boring/repetitive tasks i can face and how i can automate them.

It would be great if you can share your experience.



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    You can actually hire someone to do them for you. A virtual PA could be great help. Or a company that specializes in admin/customer support. I started working with these guys couple of months ago and they are good help with the admin tasks (which are boring ad repetitive for me...) . But Tractus is right - it depends on what kind of support you need (btw great app! thanks a lot)
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    I believe no one can tell you what boring/repetitive tasks you can face. You have to tell the community instead. Are you a student, housewife, salespeson...etc?

    If it is work related, then you may use excel (macro or VBA) to automate the process. If you are too busy with grocery shopping, then shop online (save or bookmark the items)
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