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Are you a leader?

leireleire subscriber Posts: 4
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I want to share with all of you this article that I have just posted on my page www.trep-academy.com I hope you like it, use it and give me some advice if you want

What defines a good leader?

Do you ever feel that is hard enough and you're not sure if you're one of them?

The basis of a good company lies in many things, but one of the most important is leadership, and it is as simple as the fact of how things will be done if no one knows what to do or how to do it, and even worse if they are not motivated to do so.

But do not feel sad if you think this has not been one of your stronger skills, really, as I just said, leadership is a skill and can be developed and with practice and commitment you can become the leader that you dreamed of being.

Leadership begins with yourself.

A good leader begins with leadership in his person, with discipline and personal development, the first sale you must do and the more difficult it's to sell to yourself, and so your main influence must be about yourself and once you're convinced about what do you want, how and when it will be much easier to influence others to share your vision and give everything to reach it.

In addition to thus, you will achieve your goals more easily and not really matter what it is you want to do in your life, leadership apply every day to help you to make your dreams come true and also with that conform successful teams to accomplish common goals.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

A very important part is taking the time to deal with people, there is a term called "social intelligence" and is the ability to deal with people, understand and get along with them, this ability is an important part of leadership since this allow us to stay in touch with our team and build relationships that will help us realize our full potential.

One of the most important bases of social intelligence is made to feel important people, nobody really believes that what they are doing is wrong even though they know it is, our pride is one of the hardest parts of dealing as it comes to relate to people, even psychopaths and criminals never admit that what they did was wrong and furthermore they give reasons of why that they did was the right thing, because the ego makes excuses that we end up believing. To deal with this we have two essential points:

Never expose a person when he is wrong, is always better to find a way that makes him reaches to the right answer, believing that he do it alone.

Admit your mistakes, don't make others to do so but you need to do it all the times, because with this you can create an atmosphere of trust, and the best way to teach something is by example.

An important tip here is that the word that likes the most a man is his name, so learn all the names of your team and call them by their name, with this they will feel more important and also this will create a stronger relationship, it is said that this was one of the secrets of the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, the fact that he knew the names of everyone in his army.

As a final point I would like to say that to be a true leader you must do it with love and empathy for your team or followers, and just with this you will achieve your goals and make a trusting environment where everyone feels comfortable and happy, and this should to be one of your main goals.


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