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Marketplace Ministry- Inspiring people through your business.

dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
It`s time to STOP GOING to church. If you go to church, that implies when it`s all over, you leave church. Since when do we stop BEING the Church. So let`s stop going to church and focus on being the Church. Of course the Church gathers together for worship, so by all means keep going to your regular worship serve and BE the Church at worship. But what about the rest of the week?
I became a Christian as a senior at U. Mass (1979). Somehow I knew my life was supposed to make a positive difference for others. "Ministry" was always modeled to me as someone who was in vocational ministry, like pastors and missionaries... but what about the other 95% of us who filled the pews?
Eventually I did become a pastor... but what about the other 95% who filled the pews in my congregation? Many years of experience and searching God`s Word lead me to a revelation shared by many others.
The other 95% are called to ministry just as much as a pastor. I realized that all of life is meant to be ministry and that God desires to use people in the workplace just as much as in the mission fields. As a matter of fact, our workplace is our mission field!
Do you see your business as a ministry vehicle God has given you to reach out and be a blessing to others? Do you pray for God to give you special insight in how to grow your business? Do you think it is OK with God to grow a thriving business, and that it is just as important to the Kingdom of God as any church ministry?
With all the talk about separating our private faith from public life, God`s idea is just the opposite. And it can be done in a way that truly has other`s best interests at heart, not arrogantly or presumptuously.
Let`s hear some stories about God is using your business.
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