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Software recommendation

bartosbartos subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2016 in Business Planning
I am looking for the service management or some sort of organizing software that I can use to keep my customer`s data, contacts, appointments, notes, etc. Looking for something inexpensive and easy to use in my tile & grout restoration service.
What do you use and what do you recommend?
What are things that I should pay attention to when selecting this kind of software?


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    nhcolorado256nhcolorado256 subscriber Posts: 0
    The best option I could give you in Maximizer, it is all set up for you to run and you can buy it at bestbuy or Circuit city and the rest of the superstores.  It is cheap, and it is excellent for tracking customers.  Plus if you want you can expand its functionality pretty easily.  It keeps data, contacts, notes, calendars, etc.  Plus it will do email merge in the case you have mail blasts.
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    phantomindeeaphantomindeea subscriber Posts: 3
    I`m actually looking for the same thing, this is very helpful. Can anyone also recommend one that offers e-mail/FTP, etc? I know Microsoft Live owns that field but I`m sure there are other options out there.
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    InvestorFundingInvestorFunding subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Bartos,If you have a Windows PC w/Office Then Outlook may be a possible solution for you. I got started using it because it was on my PC and that is what was used at my place of employment. If you are looking for something outside of MS Impire try QuickBooks. Great application for any small business or proprietorship. Has customer data, Invoicing, scheduling, and is reasonably priced. I use this one for my service business.For my web based business I am setting up Drupal.org - Absolutely the best GNU web based solution. However, it is not for the faint of heart. It is free, very powerful, yet complex. If you are not a web-expert (programmer) then  consider finding a  qualified professional to consult with and contract for the setup & configuration. Generally the administration is strait forward and easy even for the non web-savvy. So, once this application is set up you will have a powerful tool that you can access from anywhere using the web lending itself to many different types of businesses.
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    movingsoftwaremovingsoftware subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    There are many softwares for organizing things and the most popular one which still people are using is spreadsheet. However, if you want something better then I would recommend you to search online according to your business needs.
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    harryventharryvent subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member
    If you are looking for management software, it's very hard to find out because tons of software available in outside. But based on software features, pricing and some criteria to choose which software is suitable for our business. I try many management software, but it's not satisfying my business needs, then I choose Apptivo, through this software to manage customers very easily, sales tracking and many features are there. Before choosing software try to get more information about this software.
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