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Looking for website programer/designer to partner with.

DannystretchDannystretch subscriber Posts: 4
My name is Danny and I am a serious entrepreneur looking to do big things. I have been working on a business idea for just under a month now. I am currently working solo and It seems like there's no better time than now to bring in another working mind. I am looking for a partner who has experience in fields that I lack, such as CSS/HTML code, website designing, computer graphics/photoshop, etc... Where I am strong (business wise) is in marketing, branding, managing, etc... I am also a great motivator, always positive, and make a great accountability partner.

The business is based on helping entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship as well as optimists from all walks of life. We offer a few services as well as an online store, where we will sell some of our product. A portion of the profits will be donated to charities through a system I thought of (which still needs to be created). I have a long, Long! way to go before I am ready for launch. If you would like to join me in the journey to success, please email me, or resond to this post.

I am looking for a dedicated,motivated, and hard working individual who shares the same vision and passion as me. Helping others grow and helping the less fortunate. If you would like to join me in the journey to success, please email me, or resond to this post.

To ultimate success,


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    DidyouknowthatDidyouknowthat subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Danny,
    My name is Frederic Cottart from France and I have the same vision as you. I can help you to create stunning websites. For example, have a look at what I have created for my wife's business www.lepetitmouton.fr (knitting for babies). Personnaly, I am also looking for a partner with strong marketing skills for my ebook project. I am actually looking for a serious partner with great marketing skills and specialist in viral trafic to sell it trough his channels, because I am pretty bad at this. You can read a sample on amazon:

    http://www.amazon.com/Did-Know-That-Fre ... ds=cottart

    This book got very good review from publishing compagnies, unfortunately they all asked me for a financial participation and I don't have any money to invest. First I launched an affiliate network with a commission of 75%: fail. Then a fundraising's campaign on indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/did- ... x/10303555 (still runing): fail. Because of my lack of knowledge in the field of marketing ... By the way, you can try to advertise this campaign in order to get the $10000 and you will get $6500 for your great job.
    I think it would be great if we could team up to build a or several profitable online business. I also very positive, hardworking.

    Best regards,
    Frederic Cottart
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    DidyouknowthatDidyouknowthat subscriber Posts: 1
    Don't get confused by my comment, I would like to develop your business idea first. Anyway it won't take me long to build you a stunning website from scratch
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    riversideriverside subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, Danny! My name is Yehor! I'm from Ukraine. I have my own web agency. I have extensive experience in the IT sector. Our main areas of web design, branding and web development. I can also be considered for other areas of the business partnership. If you are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship, I will offer to you the lowest prices and excellent quality.
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