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Please Review a Website Layout for Graphic Design Service

BryanShieldsBryanShields subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Website Critique
Hello everyone,

I'm a creative designer who is relaunching my professional service web site with a new look and format. My target market is small business owners and individuals who are starting a new business since that has been the bulk of my clients in the past. My particular area of concern right now is a better conversion rate of site views to appointments so what I am interested in knowing is: From a small business owner perspective who have purchased some kind of art or design services in the past, is there anything in this design that's an immediate turn off to you that would keep you from making an appointment once you've visited the site? Likewise, is there anything that can be done better or not present at all that would prompt you to make a follow up appointment after visiting?

The site is not live yet, only in the design phase. I'm not trying to promote my business yet, so there is not any identifying information about my business. There is generic "lorem ipsum" placeholder text and not actual sales copy. Some have previously said this makes the site look like a template and I understand that... in part it is a template from which I'll build the site from.

Praises and encouragements are welcomed too, since it gives me a better indication of what percentage of overall viewers like/dislike the design.

Thanks so much for reading this and giving me your honest impressions!

You can see the design on Imgur: http://imgur.com/SKYvg4H
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