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How to change a tax ID?

Ben101Ben101 subscriber Posts: 6
edited May 2010 in Business Planning
So when you file for solo or partnership or whatever, you get a nice long number and I got a few question about that. 1. I filed as a partnership last year and now I no longer have my ID anymore as I have lost some very important files during a move. Since I am no longer operating under the same business name and I have lost the orginial ID, should I just file for a new one with the current business name and under solo?2. Some people ask for vendor info and they often will ask for a tax ID, what do they do with that number?ThanksBen


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    DrLADrLA subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Ben,
     It depends on how often you`ve used your number. Tax IDs/EINs are like social security numbers for businesses.  It allows others, such as the government to track your company.  Have you used you number to set up your business phone or other services that your business is using?  How long have you had the number? You can do one or two things, a name change for the original number or get a whole new number for the new company.  If you are starting a new company and have already shed the reminisce of the old I`d go with the new number. 
    Dr. LA
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    infiniqueinfinique subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It's not that straight forward to change a Tax Id. It's better to talk to your state attorney to be sure.
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