How to generate leads using social media?



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    Well the best way to get leads from the social media is to join the community specific groups like there are different business groups where the people are posting their requirements, and you can capture those leads. Try to increase your network on the linked n. If you want to capture leads from the facebook you can run sponsor advertisements and try to get though cluster model in which you can join the area specific groups and  forums are also a good source.
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    Use LinkedIN Sales Navigator and connect with people, write some good content and share it
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    Social media is a great platform, not only for generating leads, but also for nurturing them. There are multiple ways that you can use to generate leads on social media:
    • Post Gated Content: While gated content may drive some users away, others who are very interested in reading your content will provide their email addresses to see it. That way you get a lead. 
    • Contests: Social media contests are a great way of both driving more engagement to your account and for generating leads.
    • Advertising: The quickest and easiest way to generate leads using social media is through ads. 
    • Host a live stream: By regularly being in touch with your target audience on social media you will witness a surge in the number of leads generated.

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    Well there are multiple channels where you can share your content. Make sure your you must have quality content free from errors and plagiarism. Try to make thing clear so that customers can easily get to know what are you offering. Share engaging content you can go for a short and exciting videos. learn more about business trends to make you success here.
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    1. Share links to gated content.
    2. Run contests.
    3. Use social media advertising.
    4. Use Facebook custom tabs.
    5. Host a hangout, webinar, or live video.
    6. Use geotargeted search.
    7. Use targeted social media listening.
    8. Engage in social selling.
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