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A few questioins about app businesses

theWebKidtheWebKid subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Business Planning
Hey everyone,
I had a few questions about businesses that are mainlly focused on revenue generated from an app.

First, for the intial startup phase, should the app be registered as a business with the government? Do I have to pay the normal fees and fill out paperwork like a normal business would? Or can I simply start making the app publish it, and collect the revenue from it? At what stage do I need to register it as a business?

Also, If anyone has any experience with app creation, what are the costs usually to host servers for an app? I plan to have the users of the app generate their own content and I'm assuming that content has to be hosted somewhere so where are some places I can go to in order to get an idea of a cost?

I would appreciate any feedback people can give me. I am new to this forum and this is my first post, I look forward to interacting with all its members.

Thanks in advance.


  • LynnthLynnth subscriber Posts: 0
    Unless you are doing business under you own name you will need a DBA (Doing Business As) usually filed with your county clerk. This will allow you to do business as a sole proprietership. The profits and expenses for the business would be part of your personal tax return. Speak with an accountant to make sure all of your bases are covered tax wise so you don't get hit with tax penalties.
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