Looking for Web Developer & Android Developer

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A little background about me: I am a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded two small companies in the past. I came on bored with these companies as the business lead and Security consultant. Now that I have left both companies to pursue my own projects I am looking for developers to help me. My technical background is in Desktop Development (C,C#,C++), Linux Kernel development (mostly security stuff), cryptography, and some basic web design (WordPress).

I have some ideas I am working on and would like to see take off, but I don't have any experience with Mobile development or enough experience with Web Development to get them done.

The web idea is an eLearning platform. Something I have been doing for a few years as a side business and would like to take it world wide if possible. There is a huge market here that no one has tapped into yet.

The app idea is a social app, but not in the normal way. It is all about helping strangers who need it.

I can go into more detail over PM/E-Mail. If you are interested message me.

I am mainly looking for partners so this would be equity based to start with.


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