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Question about distributing enterprise freemium app

schaudhaschaudha subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Marketing
We have built an application which helps you implement informal/social learning in the workplace. It has wiki, forum, social wall, chat, gamification, course creation tools (webcam recording, screen recording), build-in LMS etc. Its basically a platform to create and share knowledge, your mini corporate google.

Its a platform for companies to create, curate and find knowledge within the company. An average knowledge worker spends about 5-20% of the time finding the right info or right person or recreating same info which someone else had created earlier but could not be easily found.

We have a freemium version which can work for up to 50 users with all the features. Our goal at this point is to distribute this platform as quickly as we can in a cost effective manner. We are not really looking to monetize but let the users see the value first for 3 or 6 or 12 months without paying us. Its a cloud platform.
Here is the question: What technique/strategies/tools can we explore to distribute this free cloud platform to medium and big companies from top down or bottom up? By top down , I mean executives buying into the concept and sending it downstream or bottom up where managers or directors or employees try it within their group and expand within the organization with word of mouth.


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    Road2SaleRoad2Sale subscriber Posts: 1
    Your business idea seems great, but targeting large companies may be too much. Why not try Small-Medium enterprises? Your best type of customer is probably the one that constantly needs to update their employees. One type I can think of is Call centres. They constantly get new information and have to be able to use it without any problems.
    I am sure you can think of other similar companies, but start with that, try to sell hard that you are offering it for free, some may just use it and drop it, but if you've done your product right, you will definitely earn long-time cusomers
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