Tips to Promote Website ( not for search engine )

roneidaselvaroneidaselva subscriber Posts: 5
Hi Friends,

I have multiple website -, and to promote online. But I do not want top position in search engines. Without any help of search engine I want to generate traffic to these websites.

Please provide me some awesome tips to generate real traffic.

Thanks in advance.


  • ryantcryantc subscriber Posts: 0
    I've found some great tips on actionable ideas for driving traffic to your website, included in the following article: ... r-website/
  • alex.thomsonalex.thomson subscriber Posts: 69
    Ways To Promote Your Website And Get More Traffic:
    * Write content that screams
    * Grab competitor’s best backlinks
    * Become a guest blogger
    * Accept guest bloggers on your website
    * Build quality backlinks
    * Assure that your best backlinks will never be removed
    * Write about trending and controversial topics
    * Write case studies and share stories
    * Analyze existing traffic and enhance what works best
    * Make your headlines attractive
    * Engage with influencers from your niche
    * Use quality images for your posts
    * Create infographics
    * Use internal linking to make readers spend more time on your site
    * Do keywords research and concentrate on long-tail keywords
    * Make your website SEO friendly
    * Participate in Facebook groups and Google Plus Communities
    * Interview influencers in your niche
    * Engage and talk with your readers
    * Participate in Q&A platforms
    * Collect email addresses
    * Participate in forums and promote your website on the signature
    * Run surveys to understand what readers expect from you
    * Create a “start here” page
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