Need help with business name!!!

bartosbartos subscriber Posts: 2
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Hi!   I`m starting up a tile and grout cleaning company and I need help coming up with a catchy name, one that people will remember. Something short, catchy, remeberable. Tile & Grout Restoration will be description or tag line but I need a name first. I`ve had a few suggestions like:
Clino-Grauto, Hi-Tech, Insta-Clean or Clean-Grout-Out.
Additional services I will be offering include: counter tops, natural stone, concrete, carpet, shower enclosures, garage floors, pool decks etc. I will be serving Northern Illinois and Chicago area but don`t want to be limited to the area. I am committed to use only bio-degradable and enviro-friendly products. Please help. I am desperate!  The more ideas the better, help if you can. Thanks!


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