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What are your biggest business challenges?

lindsaylindsay subscriber Posts: 6
edited February 2015 in Business Planning
Hello Startup Nation Fellow Members,

I'm conducting a research project on the biggest challenges we all face as entrepreneurs/small business owners.

I wanted to know if you can share what are your top 3 business challenges or top 3 things you are struggling with most right now?

I would love to hear your feedback and appreciate in advance for sharing your story/experience. With the support from all of us we can all help each other succeed

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur- we all go through challenges in this journey and I wanted to let you know you are not alone and we all here to help one another!

Thanks so much for your feedback,



  • edward222edward222 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Lindsay, I have business online and I also have an office for my business, I will share my 3 business challenges I struggled most and how I will also share how I escaped that challenges.

    1. My website didn't get a traffic.
    2. There are many competitors, how can I beat them?
    3. When I got a traffic and sales, I faced the power of tax, and I don't know how to optimize my tax?

    What I did to escape from this struggles.
    1. The first time I made my website, I really don't know how to gain traffic, then I searched for the ways on how to gain traffic and this website really helps me http://goinswriter.com/website-seo-tips/ .
    2. Because there are many competitors, I also searched on how to beat the competitors and be on the first page on the googles search engine, fortunately I found this website and luckily it tells me everything what to do. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224785
    3. When I already have the sales and traffic, I build my office, I really taught that I will have no more problems until I found out that tax is there and realized that this is the most challenging part I've encounter, so what I did is I searched for the techniques on how I can avoid taxes legaaly, then this website http://www.offshoredirect.com/ helps my company avoid my taxes. Fortunately I now laughed at the face of taxes .

    What I really did is that, I am just searching for the solutions of my problems , if anyone here have the same problems with me, try my solutions above and hope it will solve your problems too
  • PramfinancialPramfinancial subscriber Posts: 0
    I think a big challenge for a start-up is the financial part which is to be overcome by loans. Gestation period of loan granting is generally large. Make sure you get it done early. The second challange specially for a local business is the identification of target market online. And the third one to maintain your business quality for ever.
  • northpass523northpass523 subscriber Posts: 0
    Having your finances in order form the beginning is of utmost importance. Try to secure the funding on your own, even if it means working another job while starting your company on the side. There's no shame in that. It's all part of the grind.
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