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Quality of programming in freelancing sites?

ClickStackerClickStacker subscriber Posts: 1
TL;DR: If I get a pretty complicated website software to prototype using relatively cheap ruby programmers from a site like freelancer.com, would it take a lot of re-work once I get a US based staff? Would this be a waste of time/money?

Hey everyone - my first post. I have a concept/design for a website SaaS in the internet marketing realm and have very some but not a lot of programming skills. I've been told this website would be best suited for ruby on rails. It will need a lot of interaction with APIs and social networks, and some pretty complex stuff, for example creating an email marketing service similar to aweber or mailchimp.. Quite ambitious I know.

I'd really like to get started now with some cash I have, get to a prototype stage, and then try and look for a CTO/Co-founder.


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    RobCarrRobCarr subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi. I think it would be a big waste of time. If someone is doing things the wrong way, the entire project will need to be reworked. Also, I think the longer you work with a team, the more they understand the product, and your goals.

    The company I run (http://www.myprogrammer.com) works with a lot of startups, and it takes time to get to know them, and really understand the way the software product should work.

    We are a hybrid, meaning we are a combination of onshore (US) and offshore (India) employees, with the benefit being lower rates, with US level service.

    Anyway, the best thing to do is find a good team and spend the money once. It's an investment in software, and the team you choose to partner with.
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