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How much is an SMS opt-in worth to your business?

eric3eric3 subscriber Posts: 4
edited December 2014 in Marketing
I am working on a sponsorship type of advertising plan for my business. My business is a family, sports activity and there will be sponsorship advertising where my customers can text a code to receive a coupon for other local businesses.

This is the best type of opt-in advertising and those should be very valuable "leads".

My question is how valuable? What can I charge my advertisers per SMS opt in? Or more importantly, what might they expect to pay? Obviously it will vary based on what the advertisers business is and how much they can make from a customer, but I have heard such wide variations from $1 to $20+.
Most of my advertisers would be small local businesses that are geared toward families....ice cream shops, toy stores, shoe stores, boutiques, dance schools, restaurants, etc.
It is an upscale urban area.

Also, would there be marketing companies who would be able to find these advertisers for me...for a fee?
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