Need Advice on How To Get More Leads

regina42regina42 subscriber Posts: 1
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I need advice does anyone know how to get free leads for my work at home business I am doing.


  • PramfinancialPramfinancial subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Regina,

    Getting more leads is a big question. You are going good but what i think you must be falling short on Social media presence. There are many social sharing platforms. You can work on facebook twitter,and the most popular platform is the google +. It will help in your goals.
  • regina42regina42 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank You Pramfinacial.
    I am on twitter,facebook ,linkedin and google.
    I just must not being doning something right.
  • StartupCoachStartupCoach subscriber Posts: 0

    It would be helpful to know what the business is. Getting leads is the name of the game in pretty much all business, but where they come from may vary depending on the business type. I think one of the best ways to get free leads is to start a blog that offers original, high quality information on a regular basis. If you do this, Google will eventually recognize you are a relevant site, and then the leads will come. Feel free to message me and I will show you how I did it with my business.
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