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Extra Wide Image for Mobile

KstoryshelterKstoryshelter subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2014 in Website Critique

Hoping for any insight on using extremely wide images for a homepage that also work on mobile. Currently, the image needs to be 1680 x 601 and our responsive design narrows down to just the center part of the screen (basically in the space where it says "Get Started for Free" Does anyone have a recommendation for a compelling image (we've gone to the plain blackboard to avoid cutting off faces etc.) or a site that lets you search directly for wide images of this kind?

Page in question: http://www.storyshelter.com



  • jakepiercejakepierce subscriber Posts: 0
    I like the overall layout, typography and selection of color. Although I must say I found it "lifeless" to see that plain "chalkboard" background. You can add a really good image to spice it up. Then I noticed when you navigate to other page (e.g. about us page), the navigation bar disappear (especially the blog). Other than that, the website is really nice.
  • KstoryshelterKstoryshelter subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Jake! Yep - we agree. That's the problem. We've tried many different great images, but none that work simultaneously on desktop and mobile. When you view it on mobile someone's head or body is cut off or otherwise weird things happen. So hoping for ideas on an image that could be less lifeless and also work on mobile. Thanks for noticing the change on the About page - I'll ask if that was the intention!
  • edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    The website is nice. But I agree with Jake.
  • jakepiercejakepierce subscriber Posts: 0
    About the image idea, you can try adding a book and a pen in the background or other images that conveys "story". Have you designed this yourself? or you hired someone else? I knew a guy who can help you fix this. Just let me know if you ever need a help improving your website.

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