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Serious Entrepreneur looking for a Qualified Partner

BrendanZBrendanZ subscriber Posts: 1
My name is Brendan and I'm a 30 year old, motivated, and business-minded individual who's always wanted to one day run my own business that I love and passionate about.

I am currently looking for an experienced programmer/developer/tech savvy individual to complement my role in as a marketer/manager. However, I do have basic knowledge of wordpress and shopify since I own and operate 4 different blogs.

I am currently looking to expand into e-commerce, developing and branding my own product(in any industry), and subscription box business. But open to new and interesting ideas as well. In my opinion, team chemistry is the most important.

I have some really excellent ideas, but willing to hear yours as well. My ideal co-founder/business partner should have be:

1) Focused, motivated, and determined
2) Knowledge in programming, developing apps or advanced website development (something that I lack)
3) Working full-time (not afraid of putting at least 10-15 hours a day)
4) Share the same vision

What I can provide in return:
1) Investment capital
2) Motivation and inspiration
3) Business and team management skills
4) Social Media Marketing
5) Leadership
6) Basic website design (Wordpress, Shopify)
7) Most importantly, my determination to SUCCEED

If interested please give me a shout back. I will be living in Miami starting Jan 2015. Thanks again for your time. Ciao!



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    digamberdigamber subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi BrendanZ

    I hope you are doing well . I am Digamber Co founder of Siddhiwebs. Siddhiwebs is Udaipur India based IT service provider . I am interested in exploring various join venture opportunity with you. We do exciting things in new technologies in IT domain. I love new challenges and solving the problem.

    I would love to do a Skype meeting with you. Please feel free to add me in the Skype . We can take forward this discussion.

    Let me know your mail id or Skype ID

    Skype ID : digamber9314
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    RobCarrRobCarr subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Brendan,

    I wanted to see if you ever found a partner to help you bring your idea to life? It sounds like you had all of the traits needed to give it a go.

    By the way, the company I run (http://www.myprogrammer.com) works with a lot of startups, and I think we are about as close to an in-house partner as you can get.

    For example, two weeks ago one of our clients (2 person startup) was in Washington DC pitching their application (it took us 6 months to build) to several government agencies. They actually spent 2 weeks in DC meeting with the different groups, and on the day of the big demo I was up at 3:30am with our team making last-minute changes. Literally, we were patching the application 3 minutes before the demo started.

    The good news is they got multiple letters of intent to purchase their application, so the dark circles under my eyes were not in vain!

    Good luck with your project.
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    starzenstarzen subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Brenden,
    I am a wordpress and Mobile Apps expert and beside me I have a small team of experienced developers. I have been in this IT development sector for almost a decade and now I would like to start something of my own. I would love to send you more details about me if you can provide me your email or skype. Besides I have habit of working 15+ hours a day
    Good Luck
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    JavierHolcmanJavierHolcman subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Brenden, my name is Javier Holcman and I founded recently http://www.xivian.solutions. Me and my bro work together for the last 5 years building mobile apps and 10 years in software development. We are also looking someone who wants to start a partnership. We are in Buenos Aires Argentina, with the same time zone with you. I often travel to Miami, so we may contact easy.
    If you are interested, please contact me at javier@xivian.solutions.
    All best.
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