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Is hiring a marketer necessary for a Personal Training business

johned22johned22 subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2014 in Business Planning

I started a Personal Training business and where I live (Los Angeles)there is a lot of competition.
Right now I am struggling to get one client and seemed to have tried everything, facebook ads, adwords, craigslist ads, talking to peope around the area I plan to train my clients, postcards etc, and nothing seems to work.
I have thought about hireing a marketer but due to the fact I am on a very tight budget I am asking you guys with a little more experience how much help would a proffessonal marketer be for me? For example I feel I am a very good trainer but at the end of the day people can find great training and nutriton programs online for free and. Will hiring a marketer offer that great of a benefit or will it simply be a case of me paying them then they tell me to put up a few more flyers and a few more craigslist posts everyday and other things I could learn from reading a few marketing articles.
I understand there will be good and bad marketers but for those with experience did you use one and what was your experiences?

Thanks in advance


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    WileyWiley subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi John,
    As with any organization with heavy competition, think about every aspect which would make you stand out. What do you do that's different?

    That difference is your golden ticket and the value behind choosing you over all the competition.
    My favorite yoga instructor does MeetUps in Balboa park every sunday. For free! Of course she takes donations but this is her opportunity to show off her abilities and CONNECT with her clients. Her relationship is the VALUE behind her business. We started with 5-6 people attending and 6 months later, there's over 200 people going to this every week. She has a booked list of 1 on 1 sessions because she was willing to give us something before asking for anything.

    I don't think you need to hire a professional marketer yet. Throwing money at this problem won't necessarily solve it.

    What can you do to show off your abilities and help others while expecting nothing in return?
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    edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hi John! Wiley is totally right. It would be a waste of money to hire a marketer if you can do it yourself. Its creativity that makes sense. You can try the same strategy mentioned by Wiley. Be willing to offer something to your prospect clients without expecting in return (yet). Of course in every business you have to invest your resources including your skills, time, money & effort. Building a personal connection with your clients is very important since you're offering this kind of service. I knew a lot of personal trainers who started out offering free training(for at least 2-3 sessions), take that opportunity to showcase your skills. Then hand them out your business cards so they can contact you anytime. My friends got a lot of referrals from this kind of strategy. I know this could work for you too. Good luck!
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