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Seeking Unique Business Idea for Experienced Partner


I'm an experienced entrepreneur & netrepreneur seeking a business partner who has an idea & needs an experienced entrepreneur who knows how to run small & medium sized businesses. I'm not here to provide capital.

I'm NOT looking for anything MLM or a franchise. I do best with ideas I can see growing into something great. I love starting with the seed & making things successful.

I gravitate more towards services then retail.

My skills are the following:

1. Organizational
2. Policies & Procedures
3. All aspects of running a business except for bookkeeping. That including managing teams & getting projects completed.
4. I know the basics of off & online marketing, SEO, developing a site, business registration, etc.

I'm very much about quality, so if you don't feel the same way, we aren't a good fit. Yes I like to find the least expensive whenever I'm shopping, but I'm not into cheap garbage whether it's a service or a product.

Industries that interest me the most are entertainment, anything holistic or Green, teaching people something or helping people. I am looking to eventually make a lot of money.

I have a strong work ethic, am responsible, my word is golden, I have above average written & verbal communication skills (English), I'm honest, have integrity, am as mature as I can be, & I need the same traits in any partner.

I don't believe in fighting, I believe in working things out, problem solving & moving forward. We all disagree at some point, it's how we work things out that matters.

Big egos who are difficult to work with need not respond. We all have egos including me, but I need someone who listens to reason & has common sense which brings me to intelligence. I need someone above average in intelligence, & is logical, but also has empathy for others.

Contact me if you are serious & have something in mind.

Thank you



  • LucaLuca subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Michelle, are you still interested in finding a partner?
  • Hi Luca,

    Maybe. I'm doing pre-research work for an old idea I am contemplating bringing back to life.

    What are you seeking?

    Happy New Year.

  • DidyouknowthatDidyouknowthat subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Michelle,


    My name is Frederic Cottart and I am working in the cityhall of Strasbourg (France) as a human ressources manager.
    What distinguishes me from others in my field of expertise is my ability to speak about very boring subjects in a funny way in order to captivate my audience.

    But what makes me really special is my huge knowledge of anecdotes and great historical facts.

    One day at the office, I told a few of them to my colleagues.
    They were so thrilled that they advised me to write a book about them.
    That is what I did.

    It is called "Did you know that?" and talks about trivia facts.
    Actually, so-called trivia usually is not trivial at all; odd though it may be, it is solid knowledge which I simply like to have and to share among like-minded individuals.

    I consider this book as an adventure and I want you to be a part of it.

    I am actually looking for a serious partner with great marketing skills to sell it trough his channels, because I am pretty bad at this.

    You can read a sample of the book on Amazon:

    http://www.amazon.com/Did-Know-That-Fre ... ds=cottart
    It would be really nice to do great business together.
    Best regards,

    Frederic Cottart
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