Are loyalty rewards still effective for customer service?

OnchieOnchie Posts: 11subscriber
What's the best way to acknowledge the customer's loyalty with your products?


  • martinamartina Posts: 0subscriber
    Hey - I work in loyalty and we have several examples of customers offering e.g. a voucher as the reward, or an instore discount to their customers - all very popular. Others go the more traditional way with free coffees or beers (yes, that too!), and others again offer a free yoga class, incentivising people to pay for 10 classes in one go, then they get an extra for free.

    As a consumer - I like loyalty points a lot. I use Starbucks' and know that I go there over other places half the time purely because I get something in return.

    Another one im a member of is less clear in what my points get me - but I always insist on getting my points! It's human nature I think - we all love the chance at something for 'nothing'!

    How are you doing it yourself?
  • Diana.kasimDiana.kasim Posts: 23subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Martina wrote relevant points, I also use Starbucks app to get 1 drink for free. When you get something for free as a loyal customer, it makes you feel special. The best way to know is loyal - technology, apps, reviews depends on what's your business. tell us more
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