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Sourcing Custom Printed Clocks?

ClassicCoolClassicCool subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Developing Your Invention
Hey, I had an idea awhile ago for a novelty wall clock, essentially a standard faux-chrome design with a custom insert. You see them around , mostly with the Coca Cola Logo, Ford, Chevy, etc.

I think I conceived a design that's unique and entertaining enough to sell well. Don't need to make my living off it, I'm treating it like an investment. Basically have 50 clocks made up, sell them for more than I paid, and get a decent return. I'd sell them out of my home on ebay, Amazon, etc. If it goes well then I'll buy 50 more.

There are several companies here in Calgary, Alberta that sell these sorts of clocks for corporate promotion. But they all seem to be middlemen for manufacturers in the US or Mexico. One of them that I talked to told me outright to go direct. Just not sure where to start.

Any notions about how to source these properly? Thanks.
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