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Salesman for Hire

moreopportunitymoreopportunity subscriber Posts: 1
I am a 28 year old motivated freak of nature. I seek to close. I want to get in front of millions of people to promote and pitch your business. I am not looking for hand-outs. I am looking for success in the long haul after pumping the iron all day getting in front of clients finding their need and closing the deal. I work full time currently but I need a side gig to do during my free-time. I will stay up late and wake up early to work on this side gig until it fosters into replacing my current salary. I want to make a significant amount of money but I want to work for it. There is no client I won't talk to and there is no company I won't venture into and demand to talk to the boss. Action first, figure it out the details later.

If you have something crazy that you think will change the world but you need help working the market I'm your guy. If you are passionate enough to sell me on the concept of your business then I'm all in baby. I will sell the pants off your business until we are both filthy rich and everyone begging to know how we did it.

I am self motivated and have enough fire to burn for the long haul. If you want to know more about me just shoot me an e-mail, I want to know about your idea, your business, what you think you can become. I want to go all the way.

Let's do this!


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