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MLM Companies???

shinds725shinds725 subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Marketing
How many people do we have in this forum that are either in a MLM company or is looking into getting into one? What has been your experience with them? Have you had any success? If not, what has been your biggest obsticle with it?


  • reza8164reza8164 subscriber Posts: 0
    I'm working in one of them and so far is going great, but one thing about all MLM's is to find the best service, MLM's which are product base are really hard to work.
    I prefer to work on MLM's which are service base , like investments (shares and ...)
  • shinds725shinds725 subscriber Posts: 2
    Absolutely reza8164! What is the name of the company that you're currently with? How has it been working for you so far?
  • toddmaliziatoddmalizia subscriber Posts: 0
    I think MLM is a great business for many reasons. However, it can be a frustrating and long learning curve without the right skills...I know I've had to learn from mistakes along the way.

    Knowledge and training are important. In my opinion, learning the skills to prospect effectively are invaluable and can't be emphasized enough.
  • shinds725shinds725 subscriber Posts: 2
    Self development and personal knowledge is very important! Well said @toddmalizia.
  • reza8164reza8164 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi again Dear Shinds725,
    at the moment I do marketing for an affiliate pogramme in an online advertising company called Adrows.com
    they do online ads in CPA(cost per action) method, only for big brands like McD, Sony , Shell , Mercedes ,...
    what we do is participating in this ad campaigns and we receive approximately between 8 to 12 percent per month , the marketing part is totally different ,
    but at the moment is really limited and is not for every body and for sure you need a private invitation.
    I can give you full information and a demo account if you find your self interested .
    contact with me on skype : reza.ghiasi1
  • seanaherne142seanaherne142 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    MLM is pretty shady stuff. I would stay away from that.
  • edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hello shinds725! MLM business can be very risky, just as every business is. The thing about MLM is that you have to be very skillful on marketing - the way you market yourself, your business, your products/ services, etc. You have to be very confident in delivering your pitches, handing out your business cards and all. MLM is great IF ONLY IF you are investing to a legit MLM company.
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