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Marketing Ideas

IulianAIulianA subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Marketing
I want to make an outdoor marketing campaign.
Any ideas?


  • edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hi IulianA!

    If I understand you correctly, you are asking about Offline Marketing, right? Well, there are a lot of ways to boost your offline marketing campaign. Some people are saying that offline marketing is dead, I would like to disagree with them. There are still a lot of effective strategies (depending on your business' niche or type of products/ services your business offers) that you can use to market your business without using the internet.

    Printed materials such as brochures, flyers, catalogs and business cards are some of the great tools in business marketing offline. Of course, it is not just enough to have these materials, you need the BEST ones - visually appealing, unique and contains enticing contents such as offers, discounts, etc. And one important thing is you build personal connection & interaction to your customers. Building rapport is very important when it comes to business marketing. Hope you find this advice useful. Good luck!
  • IulianAIulianA subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello edwardmason
    I am indeed interested in Offline Marketing, but i wanted to do something new, besides flyers or discounts.
    In the end I did found something like that, called AdBicy, a billboard that is carried by a bicycle.
    I don't know if I can put the link in here, but can you please take a look and tell me if it's ok to use it in Online Marketing?
    http://www.bizzonwheels.com/ad-bicy-adv ... billboard/
  • edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hi IulianA! Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you soon. As for your question about the AdBicy thing, I guess its a good idea to use it for OFFLINE marketing. The thing is, you have to hire someone to go around the area. And don't forget your flyers, business cards and catalogs handed out since they'll be roaming around.
  • IulianAIulianA subscriber Posts: 1
  • EvaCooperEvaCooper subscriber Posts: 0
    What about a charity event?
  • MLorenMLoren subscriber Posts: 0
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  • PhillipsPhillips subscriber Posts: 68 Bronze Level Member
    If you ever like to go with online marketing then directly opt for Email marketing , which is very productive for affiliate marketers.I started with a tool called Easysendy Pro which is a software-as-a-service solution, register, launch instantly and connect with SMTP relay servers of your choice to send emails. It Connects with Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail and MailerQ.
  • PaulSCambellPaulSCambell subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
    Make use on contents, blogs, articles on different social media sites for making your content and products known to huge number of people. You can take help of experts for getting real traffic for your website. You can use videos for impact-full presence of your content.
  • ashsummerashsummer subscriber Posts: 33 Bronze Level Member
    Hi there! I can recommend you to turn to the guys from the marketing leadership community for assistance with elaborating your marketing strategy. When I had no marketing ideas to promote my small business, I used their help too.
  • SilverlaneSilverlane subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Offline marketing still works and can create great impact if done correctly. Considering that not everyone is comfortable reading on the screen and still prefers to get information from something that is tangible, any business owner knows that they can never take traditional marketing for granted. Depending on your budget - you can send out/distribute flyers, brochures, business cards, postcards, door knobs, ref magnets, or use mobile/ stationary billboards or posters, organize events or guerrilla marketing. And in choosing, what you should remember is how cost effective will be. What method creates the best impact within your budget.

    You can, of course, send or handout flyers - it's not too costly and easy to hand-out. But how much of those handouts convert? Don't they always end up being tossed around without even being read? And if someone reads and keeps it because they are interested, do they remember where they slip it in when the time comes that they need to contact you?

    "Whats in it for me" matters a lot. When you think of any marketing tool, you have to take that into consideration. People, by nature, puts their attention on something that looks valuable, if not useful. Think about ref magnets with emergency numbers or kitchen conversion chart. Would you throw something like that if you get it free? Instead, you would put it in front of your fridge to post important notes and also to use it as reference when you need it. It's a handy tool and you know you need it. Now imagine you are the business owner who gives out those ref magnets and it's your name, service, and phone number at the bottom of that kitchen conversion chart. When the time comes that your service or product is needed, who would they call? Is it a hard to imagine that it would be you because everyone in the family knows your name and almost memorize your number by seeing your ref magnet each time they open their fridge? And most of all - ref magnet lasts for years. Your name, your business, and your phone number is in the homes of potential customers for years - not for only a few minutes like tv ads or online ads but YEARS.

    It maybe more expensive (but definitely cheaper than tv ads), but if it ends up in the homes of potential customers, it's all worth it than spending on something that doesn't work.

    Finally, whatever marketing campaign you do, track the result to avoid spending again on anything that doesn't bring cash to your pocket.
  • mansishende123mansishende123 subscriber Posts: 46 Bronze Level Member
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    Create Instructional Videos.
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    Be a Savvy Social Networker
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    DIY Infographics.
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  • ashsummerashsummer subscriber Posts: 33 Bronze Level Member
    If you really want some effective marketing ideas, I encourage you to contact the experienced marketers from http://thecmoclub.com/ . We hired them as our internet marketing team to improve our company's brand awareness.
  • ElexalexElexalex subscriber Posts: 56 Bronze Level Member
  • PhillipsPhillips subscriber Posts: 68 Bronze Level Member
    There are various practices by which we can enhance traffic on websites such as social referrals, SEO but my personal favourite is Email Marketing, which is a way better than these.It gives us genuine leads and also drives traffic.I use Easysendy Pro for email marketing which is proved very effective to my organisation.
  • ElexalexElexalex subscriber Posts: 56 Bronze Level Member
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