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Employment contract

SwissPeteSwissPete subscriber Posts: 1
Hi All,
I have a Swiss based SaaS startup and want to start selling the service globally. I will need to employ sales staff in the US, Canada, UK, etc. I will only be remunerating my sales staff via commissions based on gross sales. I don't want to have the administration of taxes and social costs and prefer if the employee took care of this (obviously the salary will be sufficient to meet such costs). What experience have others had in establishing employment contracts for sale staff? Does the employee need to set up a company form and issue invoices to me for generated sales? I want to ensure I adhere to local labour laws.

Many thanks for advice


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    moreopportunitymoreopportunity subscriber Posts: 1
    Not sure why you cannot just say your hiring a contract sales team. You simply pay the commissions to the employee for completing the work you want done, let them figure out the rest. In the states we (as individuals) will just need to claim it on our taxes. If it is something that starts to get big then we would just need to deal with different tax forms is all. Not every sales person will need to form their own company to collect any sort of payment. I can't imagine the local labor laws are that much different than how they are for you. Perhaps I'm totally wrong, especially since I don't know yours...
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