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High End Paintball Park Investors Needed

EpicPaintballParkEpicPaintballPark subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Startup Funding
Epic Paintball Park was recently approved by the City of Oklahoma City which means we are the only field inside the city limits and the field will be located off I-40 10 miles west of downtown OKC. We plan on having fields that are not the typical junk yards that other competitors have.
Epic will have fields like a LEGOs field, Skull Island with a two story skull shaped fort (Peter Pan themed), Medieval Castle , Western Town , and a mocked up city block that has been thru a war with 6-8 life sized houses and a 6,000 sqft two story apartment complex called Aftermath. Epic will be offering low impact options for younger kids , women and corporate parties.

The sales and profit figures have been looked at by 3 of the largest fields in the USA and they all said my #s were conservative. For every $1 dollar gross sale, the net is approx .48 cents. Looking for investors at a 25K , 50K and 100K level investors. Cap $200K in total monies.

Payback will be at 12% interest over approx 3-5 years.

See attached pics for field and figures. I can be contacted at epicpaintballpark@yahoo.com googlemap address is 9420 West I-40 service road OKC OK 73128.

http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz18 ... 866376.jpg
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