Any advice for my car selling business?

Mike4424Mike4424 subscriber Posts: 1
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I just started a business in my city in Wisconsin. It's part detailing, part selling. I can offer different services to get people's car online and sold to potential buyers for a flat fee. is my website.

I just started, but now I'm kind of at a stand still. I've got everything I need, but the customers. Any advice from this point?

I'm not sure if I should make changes to my website, or where to advertise. Is there something I should do that I'm not seeing? I just know how important it is to get outside advice, so any critic i will greatly appreciate!


  • garysvpagarysvpa subscriber Posts: 10
    I've noticed that your website doesn't have any link to social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+

    We all love promos and discounts. Add a banner or some statement on your website about promos and discounts

    E-mail marketing. I mean, send mail about your services, sales and promos
  • webbrowanwebbrowan subscriber Posts: 0
    Hmm, perhaps tie up with some car financing companies so that people who are acquiring their first car or used car can get their new vehicle spruced up? There are a lot of avenues for pulling in new business I think - the Facebook and social media idea is a good way to start!
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