Lookin for partners in US

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Hi all,

I'm melody. Luyanba, an equity crowdfuning platform, is recruting chairmen of state-level substations. No matter you are a overseas Chinese student majoring in financing or a America native professional investment advisor, if you are interested in crowdfunding ,espcially equity crowdfunding, we sincerely wecome you to be a member of us, to be a part of our big data based online finance ecosystem.

Investors whose investment amount in excess of CNY 1 million can be a chairman of state-level substation to get the substation operation income.

In addition, Luyanba has also launched its round B financing scheme with the fund goal of $2 million and 20% equity to be offered. Untill now, the goal has been 36% completed.

Contact us at [email protected]/0086-0-18961519928
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