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Need tips/ideas on how to improve the site!

LDWESTLDWEST subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Website Critique
Hello everyone,

My name is J.R. and I'm new here. My partners and I run a mostly ecommerce business selling cell phone and wallet holsters. We officially launched this past April 2014 and we have been growing strong. We have been getting a lot of press and coverage for something totally unique and because the product provides a solution to a problem we all face daily - bulky pant pockets due to your wallet and cell phone being crammed into your pockets!

I can't help but feel our site needs updating somehow. We want to maintain the high end, business suit type look, but want to make the site clearer with its intent. When people visit for the first time, we want to ensure they know how to quickly navigate to the "shop" area and understand what we are selling and why.

How can we get the message across without sacrificing the overall high fashion type look?

We have played with the idea of making the pictures clickable to redirect you to the shop, but that seems to conflict with our standard for the high end look, classy and clean look we are going for.

Any feedbacks or tips on the current site and/or tips on how we can improve it would be greatly appreciated.

You can view the current site here:

Thank you,



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