New here looking for partners

KevinCarrilloKevinCarrillo subscriber Posts: 1
hey guys and gals,
I am a 25 year old newly graduated network security major.
I am broke.
I am full of drive and dreams of my own business. This may sound like stupid dreams to most people but I want to start a business with some one or a group of people that can benefit others, as well as my self.
I'm not going to sit here and lie and tell you all i want to give and give.
if any one is willing to mentor me help me become who I know I can become. I would greatly appreciate it.
please message me if you are willing to help.
i know this isn't a moving request but it is 100% the truth of what i want for my life.
i want every one to have a piece of the pie.
this world is enormous, and for so many to miss out on a piece is a shame. I believe we should all be able to buy things with out going broke. I believe that phones shouldn't cost 500-700$. we ALL deserve great things in our homes and in our lives.
Thank you for your time.
Kevin Carrillo
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