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Social Media Marketing

DanelleDanelle subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Social Media Marketing
I hope I am posting this in the right place, I could really use some advice on how to organize my soical media accounts. Basically, I'm in the middle of three things right now; I am a graphic designer, I do crafts on the side so decided to start a small craft business, and then I am also starting a blog by a separate name. In order to market these, I know it's important to have social media marketing, but I just don't know how to juggle it all. Should I start a Facebook and Twitter for all 3 businesses separately? What about Pinterest? Any other social media sites that are a must today?


  • TerryhopperTerryhopper subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Pinterest is a big social networking site, where you can promote your website. It is big network as like google. When you will search a topic on pinterest then you will show topic related searches as like google. And this social media marketing also involving social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes.
  • TimMartinTimMartin subscriber Posts: 0
    Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter are probably the best way to reach the people and get yourself recognized and in order to promote your site, blog or an online business, marketing and promotion on these sites is quite helpful. Good luck.
  • TreyRTreyR subscriber Posts: 0
    How long have you been doing all these things? Having & managing multiple social media accounts & different opportunities is hard to manage on your own.

    Have you ever thought about focusing on your craft business? Your social media accounts (facebook & twitter) can mainly be about your craft business, but you can leverage that to talk about your graphic design skills as well. You can even focus on offering your services to other craft businesses as well. Marketing your graphic design services can be done w/o it's own Facebook & Twitter page. You can market your graphic design services by posting gigs on freelancing websites, networking with entrepreneurs online, and talking to local business owners in your community. Honestly, there is no need to bite off more than you can chew. I made that mistake when I first started internet marketing.

    Hope this helps!
  • kaillybattkaillybatt subscriber Posts: 1
    <blockquote><strong><a href="/community/profile/Danelle">Danelle</a> said:</strong><br /> Should I start a Facebook and Twitter for all 3 businesses separately? What about Pinterest? Any other social media sites that are a must today? </blockquote><br />
    install Google analytics, then for next 60 days make content posting on all FB, twitter and pinterest, post regularly. Then check with Google analytic account which platform suites your business best, then focus on the same.
  • AdvertMobileAdvertMobile subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It is important to keep posting your new creation in the social media. As for graphical designer, you should also consider to be in instagram, pinterest and StumbleUpon. There would be a good idea to have pages in Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also post your pictures in the different picture factories websites. If you ever create the graphic for Android App, it is always good to make it even more noticeable. Com tou out web-site to learn more http://advertmobile.net/
  • TerryhopperTerryhopper subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I would like to prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
    Good luck.
  • MollyMolly subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hi Terryhopper....
    I think you forgot about reddit.
  • TerryhopperTerryhopper subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Oh...! Thanks dear. Alrady I have told "etc".
  • DanelleDanelle subscriber Posts: 1
    TreyR, that is a great idea! I never thought about marketing my design skills to other craft businesses. Kailleybatt, Google Analytics is also a great idea, I might do that.

    For now I ended up going with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for my blog, and then just Facebook pages for my other two endeavors so I don't wear myself out trying to post to everything. Thank everyone for your advice! I'll let you know if I find the magic formula.
  • AberitAberit subscriber Posts: 64 Bronze Level Member
    If you decide on promoted posts, target it to a proper group, not for everyone.
  • ThomsonsCleaningThomsonsCleaning subscriber Posts: 0
    Creating and managing a G+ page is a must! Don't forget Pinterest too - it's a perfect place for craft photos!
  • edwardmasonedwardmason subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Well of course you have to consider your market first, what is craft? your target? Do you offer your business locally or internationally? If you target local market, then you can implement offline marketing and a little online marketing. Instagram is also a great place for marketing/ showcasing your crafts.
  • seanaherne142seanaherne142 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I am driving most of my social media traffic from pinterest. I guess which one is best really depends on your niche
  • AbbyBristolAbbyBristol subscriber Posts: 0
    Don't forget about Instagram too!
  • speedwayspeedway subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Buffer app will let you post to multiple social sites at once which helps to reduce time spent.

    Also, if you want to track your analytics raven tools has a great social media analytics tool.

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