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I used to sell drugs and had a landscaping business from 17-18 1/2 and I'm 19 at the moment. When I was selling drugs and running my landscaping business I was happy and successful relatively speaking, I was motivated and could almost sell anything to anyone, I went out and had fun and everyone perceived me as happy. But I eventually got robbed for weed and got in a shoot out. After that I thought different and decided to go to college instead of staying on the street with my friends( and I never was a gangbanger or gangster, i was just a hustler). But after I started college and came home for the summer I've started another business legitimately and I have been depressed, out of motivation, and almost passionless( which I used to be very passionate with my other endeavors) I have also kinda lost my ability to sell like I used to and my confidence in marketing. I used to be able to sell almost anything naturally and now I have read most books on business, spirituality, marketing, and motivational videos on boosting confidence and communication skills, But I JUST Dont Seem Like I Can Execute Like I Used To, What Do I Do? I'm constantly learning and reading everyday(like a bookworm now). I know all this stuff but I dont seem like I can apply it to my life and use it( and I need to) How can I use all this stuff I know and stop letting it sit in my head like a huge boulder.? (And the business I've started is a mobile waterless car wash)


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