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I've started a campanign on Indiegogo.com for rising some fund. I want to start my own business from scratch and I'm looking for help everywhere, so I've came to you.

Thins is my campaign : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stud ... /x/8233028

If you are interested in my idea, you may support, funding it or share it to your friends and I'll be grateful to you for ever.

Thank you !


  • RadioConsultantRadioConsultant subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member
    Interesting idea.
    Reading your business proposal your strategy lacks a little. Try to answer a question about your competitors: if they began to giveaway food in low price would your business survive?
    I think it would be great to conduct a SWOT analysis and add the results to your funding page; when you include honest answers to wicked questions the funding will come easier...
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  • nicebloggerniceblogger subscriber Posts: 1
    Well, thank you for your advice. There are no competitors in this business area, because all of them are adding a minimum of 50% to all prices near universities. In the campuses, all the shops are tanking the advantage of beeing a crowded area ... I'm a student, as I said and this are real facts (not just words), proven by my experience as a teen trying to spend less and less...
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